Psd to Xhtml Conversation

Psd to Xhtml Conversion Service by Linath Infotech

We at Linath Infotech, offer you Psd to Xhtml conversion services. By using this technology, you can easily edit the images. You can also alter the images in such a way, so that they can suit with their applications on the website. This tool also provides high cross browser compatibility, offering annoyance free browsing across Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and others. By applying suitable coding formats, we improve the accessibility, page-loading speed, cross browser compatibility and functionality of your web pages. It makes your website loadable in less time when a navigator opens it on any browser and makes your site interactive to users.


The employees and company strives for customer satisfaction at the global level. The technical staffs ensure that results are provided to companies and clients on a timely basis. During PSD to XHTML services India all quality standards are followed such that levels of risk are minimized and cost of development is kept for all-time low. Such factors keeps customers aligned towards services of our company. Hence these conversion services are perfect example of quality which enhances the performance and appearance of a website.

Conversion Process

The process of converting PSD to XHTML is also known as sliding which is one of the essential steps in web designing. This process is often adopted by designers and developers just because of the fact that it is easy and the works gets done much quickly in comparison to other processes of conversion. Herein the content in PSD format is comfortably converted into XHTML and also ensures to follow all the web standards which are important for the success of the website.


The conversion undertaken here abides by the principles of W3C which is also known as World Wide Web Consortium. These websites works best at the digital market place. Hence developers at our company ensure that the website is converted into 100% W3C.


It is important that at the time of conversion every element on the web page falls exactly in line with the content. Hence during conversion the images and content on the web page get their exact place and also the page becomes a lot lighter to facilitate users to access it conveniently. This makes accessing web page a lot easier for users thus benefiting online business.

SEO Friendly

The coding should be 100% semantic such that keywords can be placed within the content of website. This makes the site more visible to viewers thus increasing its popularity and name within the industry. Hence PSD to XHTML Conversion Services are offered with Semantic coding and also proper care is taken of perfect pixel and error free content on the website.